Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hangin' With the Girls

Two of my best friends from Lindon,
Natalie and Julie, came to have a sleep-over last night! We went out for ice cream and stayed up way too late playing games. This morning we all went out for breakfast, thanks to a well-timed gift certificate we happened to get yesterday. :) It was so fun to spend time with them!! I miss all my friends "up North" so much! (You'd never guess these pictures were self-taken with a cell-phone!) Since they left we've pretty much just hung out being lazy (again). This time I have an excuse - it's my birthday - and according to my friend R'lene I'm over the hill. :)

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Sally said...

Happy Birthday Karra! Isn't July 26a great date! Isn't is your anniversary also? So, happy Anniversary to both of you.