Saturday, July 5, 2008

Playhouse Give-Away

For the third year in a row we participated in the 4th of July Parade, pulling a playhouse (see previous post). This was the first year we didn't throw candy. In our parade you can't actually throw candy from a moving vehicle, you have to walk alongside and toss it to the kids. This year I decided to just ride along with the kids on the playhouse rather than run back and forth throughout the whole parade filling up bags of candy for the kids to toss. Camaron is on the left and Jake is on the right. Inbetween them are Teron & Jeron Tucker, Cam's best friends. One time someone asked if all four boys were mine. I said no, but Teron jumped in saying that they were half mine because they are always at my house! I'd claim them any day - they are great kids! After the parade we put the playhouse in the City Park along with all of the festivities so that the Family Support Center could continue to take donations. At about 2:00 in the afternoon they did the drawing for the playhouse. A couple who lived right here in Richfield won. They were even there for the drawing. I think they said they have 13 grandchildren that live here so I'm sure the playhouse will be well used. The boys went to the Tucker's house and played on our water slide for the afternoon. We got the waterslide for $35.00 (originally $249!) on a super-clearance sale a few years ago. Of course we don't have any grass so they have to go elsewhere to use it. :) We went to BBQ with some other friends and had a nice evening, and then we went back to the Tuckers to set off fireworks and watch the City's fireworks display - they have a great view from their backyard. We drug ourselves home at about 11:00 and crashed. Between the playhouse, the Chamber Float and being on the 4th of July Parade committee I was beyond exhausted!!! I think I'll be lazy today and then start playing catch-up next week (good luck). All of the work on my desk has overflowed off onto the's not a pretty sight.


Elizabeth said...

Hi! I'm finally venturing into the world of blogging. Love the playhouse as always! Hope you guys are doing great.

Love, Betsy

Jenn Shideler said...

I can't believe how big your kids are getting. Time flies!
I just found your blog on Keith's site. We have one too: