Monday, July 28, 2008

44 BY 40

This past Saturday I turned 39, which means I only have one more year until the big 40. Last night we were watching TV and there was a commercial with Billy Jean King on it. Cam asked if she was famous so I said that she was famous when I was his age - I even had a Billy Jean King tennis racquet! His response was - "well, that was 29 years ago!!!" The mid-life crisis was set in motion! :) This morning I got brave and weighed myself at my neighbor's house. It wasn't good. My new goal for the following year is to loose 44 pounds by the time I am 40! I have steadily gained 11 pounds a year over each of the past 4 years. It's time for those pounds to go. Every Monday morning I will weigh myself and post an update (just in case anyone cares). Any tips or motivation would be greatly appreciated. :)


Elizabeth said...

Good luck! Before my miscarriage this spring I put on 25 lbs and have lost a grand total of 5 of them. (3 months later) There's something about turning 40 and our metabolism changes immediately or something. But I don't think we have to tolerate it! Just say no to the lbs...and all the delicious food too! And move your body. ;) That's my advice! Love ya. Happy Belated Bday!

Noreen and Allen said...

I know a couple (all) of your sisters have been working-out and trying to eat right. I think for me one of the biggest motivators’ is positive encourage and feed back. So take baby steps getting into it and then go crazy. Once you start enjoying it you will find it easier to do. I'm proud of you!


Noreen and Allen said...

Oh, another thing… your body likes consistency when it comes to things like eating and going to bed and waking up but it likes verity when it comes to working out and loosing weight. So one day walk, the next day lift, the next day go on a bike ride, do step aerobics ect. Most people don’t drink enough water so Karra, I’m telling you drink, drink, drink. And if you want to loose more weight faster cut out soda. We can talk all day about stuff like this and you have great resources if you want to use them so let me know if you want to talk.

Don said...

Counting calories works for me. When I do it. The hard part is getting past the "I'm eating because I want to and I don't care about the calories" bit.

Haven't figured out how to get over that one yet. If you figure it out, let me know.

Daviaudo said...

:p Come on Aunt Karra, I believe in you! hehe. Hey!