Thursday, June 26, 2008

First Lost Tooth

Jacob, my seven-year-old, finally lost his first tooth on Tuesday night (bottom middle)! You can already see the adult tooth growing in behind it. He had been scared to pull it out. I had an appointment in Salt Lake on Wednesday morning so the boys and I went up to have a sleep-over at Grandma's in Lehi on Tuesday night. Grandma convinced Jacob to let her tie some dental floss on his tooth. Then she yanked it out before he knew what was happening. Last night I heard him telling Sam, "we should go to Grandma's every time I have a loose tooth!" It was cute. Camaron (10 years old) has teeth that don't want to come out either. He has only lost four on his own and has had to have four pulled. I am assuming that when they go to the dentist before school starts in August they will both have some that will have to be pulled. Sure wish we had dental insurance! :)


Don said...

Yeah, that's kind of how I did it with Alyssa's last tooth. She let me "wiggle" it, and I was able to get a good grip with my fingers. Pop! Tooth fairy on the way.

Noreen & Allen said...

How exciting!

Kara said...

Way to go, grandma! The first tooth is always the hardest. Anna has become a professional at getting hers out...she can announce one morning she has a loose tooth and the next day it's out. Fortunately, I think the tooth fairy is about done coming to her pillow. When she was a baby, teething was horrible. I'm so glad the "loosing" part has been easier.